“Quiet Paris” Book

A brand new book “Quiet Paris” was released at the beginning of the month.
We are delighted and proud to have been chosen to be part of it, let’s not deny it! But, furthermore, we love the concept:
Paris is a beautiful city with astounding architecture and world-famous museums and restaurants.
Because of its many attractions, however, it often feels as if there is nowhere to escape from the
crowds. Siobhan Wall, author of Quiet Amsterdam and Quiet London, has sought out hidden,
tranquil places so that Parisians can find some respite from their busy lives. She has gone in search
of small museums and cafés so that visitors to the city can discover another, quieter side to this
entrancing metropolis. From formal gardens to light-filled art galleries, chic boutiques, small
tearooms and gourmet delicatessens, Quiet Paris has over one hundred and twenty tempting
places to savour the quiet delights of this most seductive of cities.
For more details, their website: www.franceslincoln.co.uk

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